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Earth Angels

Our webpage is dedicated to “Earth Angels” that brought care and love to animals in despair and individuals that need hope and a new start in life.

Maui Youth RanchKa Lima O Maui Earth Angel’s brought joy to the ranch as they toured and interacted with Maui Youth Ranch’s farm animals.

Bethe Stiller, An Earth Angel

Bethe Stiller
Bethe Stiller was an animal lover. Dogs, Cats, Horses, turtles, insects, skunks, raccoons, birds, bobcats, coyotes, frogs, marine animals, you name it, she loved them all. She was what is known as a “foster failure”. That means that the last dog she brought home to foster from the local SPCA, she never returned, as was intended by the term foster. Bethe loved animals. She believed in the therapeutic value of human-animal relationships. She referred to the animals at the local shelter where she volunteered for many years as “therapists”, meaning that she benefited mentally and emotionally from interacting with them and she anticipated that they would bring emotional stability to their forever owners, once they were adopted.

Bethe cared for the wild animals on her property in Aptos, CA. She fed the birds and raccoons and skunks and enjoyed observing the lives of the deer and coyotes and bobcats from a distance. Bethe loved animals. Bethe supported many animal rescue organizations. She was an advocate for animal rescue and a generous supporter.

Unfortunately, Bethe passed away peacefully on January 14, 2021. She was deeply loved and will be missed even more deeply. Her friends and family, knowing her passion for animals, wanted to honor her by gifting a non-profit animal organization. One of her chosen recipients was Maui Therapy Animals. Due to the financial impact of COVID19, Maui Therapy Animals was forced to terminate operations in 2020. The founder of Maui Therapy Animals is grateful for Bethe’s contributions and heartbroken for her family. She recommended that Maui Youth Ranch be contacted.

Compassionately, Maui Youth Ranch rescued a large portion of the animals from Maui Therapy Animals, including bunnies and guinea pigs. According to Toni Martin, founder of Maui Youth Ranch, the Equine Therapy program is experiencing an increase in clients due to COVID. Youth and children in the Maui community are experiencing feelings of hopelessness, confusion and despair. Maui Youth Ranch provides opportunity for these youth to cope with their emotional, mental and physical challenges through interactions with the horses and other animals.

Animal-Assisted therapy can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue in people with a range of health problems. Bethe would be pleased to know that Maui Youth Ranch rescued animals from Maui Therapy Animals and is giving them purpose, which is positively affecting the community of youth on Maui. Any contribution you make, in Bethe’s memory, will have a positive impact on these rescue animals and youth. I’m confident Bethe would like that. Please indicate in your donation that you are giving in honor of Bethe Stiller.

Mail checks in memory of Bethe Stiller to:

Maui Youth Ranch
2055 Naalae Road Kula, Hawaii 96790
Maui Youth Ranch a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID # 45-283 1823

Or donate in memory of Bethe Stiller using the Go Fund Me link below: